How to Have Better Periods Naturally

When I first got my period, my cramps were terrible and my flow was super heavy, I thought I was destined to have bad periods or take advil for the rest of my reproductive life. I wanted to heal my period naturally and be more in tuned with my flow; so after doing some research and testing different strategies, I found a few helpful remedies that will ease the pain of your period. 

1. Rosehip Tea

I started drinking Rosehip tea after finding my work provided it for us. I drink this tea everyday of my bleed. It has definitely helped with cramps. It has been known to help blood flow and qi.

2. Dark Chocolate 

Everyone's favorite. I love dark chocolate at all times of my cycle but particularly during my period, I crave it. It is high in potassium and magnesium, which helps your muscles and your sleep- crucial during the sensitive menstrual phase.

3. Decrease Caffeine Consumption

Going from everyone's favorite to everyone's least favorite. I switched to decaf completely but this is especially important during your period. If you can't bare to part with your coffee I would at least switch to 1/2 caf or cut down to one cup a day, or a matcha.